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Worship at Covenant

New Day Worship (9:00am)
Casual/piano-led band and occasionally a guitar-led band.

Traditional Worship (11:00am)
Formal/organ-led service and more classical music.

In joyful gratitude, we gather weekly to worship God together and to share with one another all of God´s gracious gifts. We are a congregation committed to growing in faith and learning how our faith shapes our lives. We celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month and the Sacrament of Baptism regularly when requested. Our dynamic, diverse ministry of music, from classical to contemporary, helps us to lift our voices and hearts in praise. Our worship services seek to be family-friendly as well as engaging, educational, and uplifting for people of all ages. A variety of approaches to the preaching of the Word are offered including traditional sermons, youth-led worship, and puppet ministry. As a community, we seek to listen to God's word that we might be a reflection of God´s light and love to the world!

Language Used in Worship

At Covenant Presbyterian Church, we are aware that human language cannot adequately name and describe God. In our liturgy we may use traditional texts that refer to God as "He." However, we also strive to use language, which is both faithful to biblical truth and which does not exclude people because of gender, color, or other circumstance in life.

Share Your Musical Talents
Consider Joining The New Day Ensemble

If you enjoy a more casual service, with piano-led music and want to share your musical talents, then you might want to consider joining the New Day Band. The band rehearses every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, and then they help lead the 9:00am services on Sundays. They are always adding new music to the mix, and are an open and fun group, so there's never a bad time to join. Stop in during a rehearsal and join in or come sit and listen. If you have any questions, contact Ben Welch, Covenant's Contemporary Worship Music Coordinator at 608-513-1062.

Children in Worship

For more on what your child can do during worship visit our Children in Worship page.

Communion Photo

Celebration of Holy Communion

Schoenstein Pipe Organ

The organ was built by the Schoenstein Organ Company of San Francisco, California specifically for Covenant Presbyterian Church. The registration of the instrument or choice of pipes and sounds, was made by then-organist Sam Hutchinson in collaboration with the builder, Jack Bethards. The purchase and installation of the organ was made possible by a generous gift of long-time member, Virginia Malmquist. The organ consists of over 2,700 pipes ranging in size from 16 feet long to just a few inches long. It was installed in its current location behind the front chancel area in 1997.

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