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Covenant's Library:

A Resource For All To Learn & Grow

Categories of Books
Grouped on shelves according to subject (not alphabetically; Dewey Decimal system no longer used)

Art & Music
Church practices
Auto/Biographies Comparative Religions
Bereavement - Adults Coping
Bereavement - All ages Fiction
Bibles Finances
Bible Dictionaries Grab Bags
(Various topics for parents & kids)
Bible Study Jesus
Bibles with Commentaries Local Authors
Care Giving Parenting
Children - Christmas Reflections
Children - DVDs Sexuality
Children - Easter Spiritual Growth
Children - Older Theology
Children - Story Books Women
Children - Bibles World Issues
Church History  

How to check out items
By the door to the library, there is a check-out stand with directions and a pad of paper. We use the honor system. Simply write your name, item's title
and the date.

When to return items
Please return item(s) within one month so others may enjoy them.

What's in the library?
To see items in the library listed by AUTHOR, click on inventory of books.
To see items in the library listed by TITLE, click on inventory of books.
To see items in the library listed by CATEGORY, click on inventory of books.

When you're in the library, you can see it's inventory listed inside the blue binder on the check-out stand.

Cindy Lovell, Volunteer Librarian & Chair of the Library Committee
a Sub-Committee of the Adult Education Committe

Covenant Presbyterian Church
326 South Segoe Road Madison, WI 53705
(corner of Mineral Point & Segoe Roads)
Phone: (608) 233-6297
Fax: (608) 233-6489