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Book of the Month

November 2015

Chicken Soup For The Soul Series
When you're sick, chicken soup helps you feel better. When you're down, Chicken Soup for the Soul helps you feel better, too. In the Spiritual Growth section of Covenant Library, there is, Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul, Golden Soul, Single's Soul, and Woman's Soul. Which soul do you have that could use encouragement? These books include short stories and anecdotes meant to inspire.

June 2015

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis offers a creative way to look at forces that may be at work in our lives. In this fictional book, Screwtape, a senior demon, writes 31 advice letters to his novice demon nephew. The nephew, Wormwood, is trying to secure the damnation of a man referred to as "the patient." God is referred to as the "Enemy."

As Screwtape gives suggestions to Wormwood, we get a glimpse into what things in our own lives may be taking us away from God. For example, Screwtape tells Wormwood that theological "jargon is your best ally in keeping the patient from the Church." We also realize what things may help us connect with God, such as fun since it "promotes charity, courage, contentment and many other evils," in Wormwood's view.

April 2015

Thanks to the Children's Ministries Committee, books have been collected to help families and children through tough situations, ranging from death of a parent or grandparent to moving. Other issues include babies and new siblings, illness, anger, divorce and remarriage and faith. Books have been grouped by topic and can be found easily in Covenant Library.

January 2015

The Blessing of a B Minus is a faith-based resource for parents of teenagers, in the "Parenting" section of Covenant Library. The author, Wendy Mogel, is a clinical psychologist who gives practical advice on how to help your adolescent thrive while allowing them the freedom to make mistakes.

Mogel also encourages parents to take care of themselves and keep perspective on what’s developmentally normal for their growing children. For example, if your child always wishes they had more "stuff," is that a sign that they haven't picked up your morals, or is that a sign of their natural teenager "love of life"? Putting things in perspective can help parents know when to get help, and when to roll with the punches.

November 2014

Do you like to read? The Adult Education committee is looking for volunteers to help research, review and recommend books for Covenant Library throughout the year. If you're interested, please contact Cindy Lovell or call 608-238-6348.

September 2014

When Spiritual But Religious Is Not Enough:
Seeing God in Surprising Places, Even the Church

By: Lillian Daniel, "Spiritual Growth" section

Lillian Daniel's newest book, When Spiritual But Religious is Not Enough: Seeing God in Surprising Places, Even the Church, was mentioned in one of Pastor Charlie's sermons. In an age when so many people want to write off the institution of the church as being lifeless and dead, with great honesty and truth, Daniel offers an alternative, realistic, life-giving approach to the death-of-the-mainline-church crisis. Pastor of a prominent United Church of Christ congregation in the suburbs of Chicago, Daniel challenges those who contentedly and easily "search" for God outside of the church walls by insinuating that it is a lot more difficult to see God in the face of suffering and death, poverty and injustice, and fallible human beings. Daniel's writing is both humorous and fabulous
Review by: Rev. Jessica Nylund Salt, Covenant's Parish Associate

July 2014

Feasting on The Gospels: Mark
Edited by: Cynthia Jarvis & E. Elizabeth Johnson, "Bible Study" section

This book goes through all of "Mark," giving four perspectives: theological, pastoral, exegetical, and homiletical.

May 2014

Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol
The DVD of the month tells the story of the true meaning of Easter.

"There are funny parts and lots of music and action. Don't miss the fun extras: an Easter egg hunt, karaoke and trivia."
Review by: Lauren & Sam Kures (7 & 4 years old, respectively)

April 2014

Jesus, The Bible & Homosexuality
By: Jack Rogers

This book provides a practical resource firmly grounded in contemporary theological thinking to anyone grappling with the reconciliation of their Christian faith and homosexuality. Rogers approaches the topic from a Presbyterian perspective, having faithfully served the Lord in a distinguished career as a pastor, theologian and leader in the Presbyterian church. He explores the traditional Christian treatment of homosexuality by identifying poignant similarities between it and past racial and gender discrimination in the church. Rogers’ interrogation of biblical texts classically used to condemn homosexuality is crisp and illuminating, raising profound questions and pointing to the danger of non-contextual interpretation. The gentle tone of his Christ-centered argument is persuasive and invokes deep contemplation about a matter that is at the forefront of social and spiritual debate. Irrespective of one’s opinion on the matter, I have little doubt that this book will in some way touch the hearts of all who read it.

Review by: Jean Pitot. Jean & his wife, Robyn, attended Covenant recently during their 6-month stay in Madison, WI. Jean was a Fulbright scholar studying solar power.  John & Robyn are now back in their home in South Africa.

Cindy Lovell, Volunteer Librarian & Chair of the Library Committee
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