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Covenant's Library:

A Resource For All To Learn & Grow

Guidelines For Which Library Items Are Kept,
Purchased or Accepted as Donations

Covenant's library is a resource to assist members and staff in growing in the Christian life and faith, both individually and communally. The collection must be kept up to date to best serve the changing needs of the congregation. The following practices are recommended for accepting books, CDs, DVDs or videos:

The church librarian (a volunteer appointed by the Adult Education Committee) will determine which items meet the above criteria. When in doubt, the church librarian will consult with the Adult Education Committee.

If an item is donated but is not accepted by the church library, the item will be donated to a non-profit agency or sold at the Annual Trash & Treasure Sale.

Cindy Lovell, Volunteer Librarian & Chair of the Library Committee
a Sub-Committee of the Adult Education Committe

Covenant Presbyterian Church
326 South Segoe Road Madison, WI 53705
(corner of Mineral Point & Segoe Roads)
Phone: (608) 233-6297
Fax: (608) 233-6489