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Mission Statement
The Health Ministries program encourages each person's physical, emotional, and spiritual well being in relationship with God and one another. The program strives to strengthen and improve the health of the congregation and community by offering opportunities to nurture health, wellness and healing.

The Health Cabinet meets approximately once a month to plan health programs. We are always looking for new ideas, inspiration and members.

Contact Rosemary Jones, Elder & Health Cabinet Chair if you would like to be involved.

Health Ministry Shares the Mission of Jesus Christ... Shalom
When Jesus appeared to the apostles for the first time after the resurrection, he said, "Peace be with you," repeatedly. The Hebrew word in these verses (John 20:19-29) is "shalom" - a word which means "peace," but carries with it so much more. "Shalom" means a "wholeness and an integrity in which all the facets of one's life are in harmony: one's physical, spiritual, emotional and moral health, and one's relationships with God and others." It is a concept that no one English word can convey. That kind of wholeness and integration, where everything in one's life is in perfect order, is what Jesus wishes for his followers. The church was given the task to carry on that mission of Jesus - to lead humankind to renewal, restoration and wholeness.

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