Should Covenant Become a Sanctuary Church?


Covenant Information

"Sojourners in Faith", Robert F. Patton 1994. Covenant's involvement in the 1980's Sanctuary movement.

"Sanctuary Exploration Team Actions in Historical Context"


Presbyterian Church (USA) Information

"Sanctuary: A Discernment Guide for Congregations"

"Stated Clerk Endorses New Resource on Immigration and Sanctuary"


State & Local Information

"The Ties That Bind: DACA Recipients Fear for Themselves --- and Their Families"

2017 Assembly Bill 190

"What Does Faith-Based Dane Sanctuary Coalition Mean for Undocumented Immigrants"

"Dane Sanctuary Coalition Guidelines"

Historian Sergio Gonzalez Discusses the History of the Sanctuary Movement in Wisconsin


Theological & Ethical Issues

Pastor Jeff's Sermon, "Strangers" "Strangers"

Pastor Adam Hamilton Sermon, "Facing Issues that Divide: Immigrants and the Bible"

"The New Colossus"


Legal Issues

ACLU Legal Sanctuary FAQ

"Sanctuary: Legal Considerations for Faith Communities" audio presentation by Heather E. Kimmel, General Counsel, United Church of Christ

"Welcome and the Law" PC(USA) Legal Memo

Immigration Attorney Matthew Gillhouse Discusses Legal Issues Relevant to Sanctuary


General Information & Background

"Christian Century" Article, "Sanctuary Churches, Cities May Face Consequences from Federal Authorities" 4/26/2017

"PBS News Hour" 9/18/2017 story, "How 'Dire' Immigration Court Backlog Affects Lives"

"Sanctuary Non Deportation: A Discernment Guide for Congregations"


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